Quadratic Trust is a challenge where members of the
community can vote to support you and your work
but instead of supporting you with money
like with Quadratic Funding, they support you
with their social capital in the community
The number of people who
follow you on Twitter
is used as a proxy for
the trust you have earned
in the community.
Your follower count is the
number of voting credits
you receive.
To participate, select the
number of vote credits
you want to give to a
particular twitter account.
Share a tweet about the
person or project you are
supporting and why
they get your vote.
Just like with Quadratic Funding, the number of people
who give you votes matters more than the number
of votes they give you.
Some rules:
- You can't vote yourself
- You can only submit votes for someone once
- Once your votes are submitted, you can't get them back
Get started by supporting your favorite people today
- the winner gets a special NFT!